Intense, skill-based top-down arcade colour shooter! Shoot the enemy finks with the requisite colours to blow them up spectacularly.  For example, shoot purple finks with red and blue to blow them up. Build  up crazy combos and enjoy the audio/visual experience of Inky (:
(Use Ctrl+Mousecroll to adjust size!)

WASD to move
Leftclick to shoot, rightclick to scroll weapon
Spacebar for power

Spend a couple of minutes in the trial level under 'how to play' if you're having trouble with the normal level. More game modes coming if this works out!

Any and all feedback and comments would be appreciated.
Thanks for taking time to play Inky (:

P.S. to those who noticed, the audio is all in a coherent Fminor with many random sounds floating along the pentatonics (;


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I love it best game i've seen on here in a while!!! good job

want to see my game? its called 10 blocks 

im just looking for feedback :)